Learn to read with Meg and Sam Reading™.

Our fun interactive progression based system has been custom designed to teach anyone the core mechanics of reading. It is aimed at children aged 4-6 though it will help anyone learning to read English for the first time. Our unique system is currently being used in schools all around Ireland and has been vetted by teachers, principals, academic experts, parents and most importantly the kids themselves.

Our system consists of:

  • 12 Modules
  • 4 Unique Game Modes
  • 384 Unlocks
  • 26 Initial Letter Sounds
  • 143 CVC Words
  • 180 High Frequency Words
  • 25 Interactive Comprehension Readers

Our goal is to make education accessible to everyone and reading is at the heart of this. Our Motto is “Equality of Learning for all” and for that reason our program is completely automated. The user can learn everything they need to know within the application itself and do not need monitoring or interference from a third party (Please do not be tempted to unlock levels for the user. They can and will do it all by themselves). We recommend 10-20 minute sessions every day in order to complete the program and get your child well on their way to becoming a fluent reader. Buy now or avail of 28% of our program completely FREE and see for yourself the magic behind Literacy Magic.

Kids begin the program by learning their letter sounds. This section is completely FREE. Both capital letters and lowercase are available and we use a dyslexic friendly font in our first section to ease kids into the process.

Once kids know their sounds we move on to our consonant vowel consonant (CVC for short) areas. Kids learn how to blend their letter sounds using onset and rime. You can try the first vowel family (at, an, ag, ap, ad, am, ab and ax) for FREE and if you succeed in completing all of those you can move on to our paid section.

Once you have mastered all of your CVC families we then get to practice our sight words. All 100 of the top high frequency words (sight words) are found in our fun interactive games. Our fun animations will have your kids scrambling to beat the clock and unlock new and important sight words every day.

Just learning sight words can be boring (less so with our fun interactive games) so we mix things up with our fully interactive comprehension reader. Built using a combination of phonics and sight words our 25 mini books will test both your kid’s comprehension and decoding skills. The most fundamental aspect of learning to read is application. In our books, kids get to practice the skills they have learned in the gaming sections. They get to read progressively more difficult pieces of text unlocking more material along the way. Our stories are also fun and the images are completely interactive. You can pause and stop our animations at will so you can analyze each sequence in order to work out the correct one. By making the stories interactive it makes the reading much more engaging and therefore adds much more value to the experience overall.